20 April 2021, Stockholm, Sweden, 

I will keep this journal during my solo trip from Sweden to the USA, and during my travels there, by automobile, in Arizona, Nevada and California. After visiting friends and family, and after taking some hikes in favorite places, I’ll take an airplane to Houston then travel to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where I  will stay with family for a while.

Given the uncertainties of life, especially in these times, I am writing from the perspective of this journey possibly being the last one I will have in the USA.

I am 84 years old. Most of my oldest friends, all my descendants and other family members (except those in Sweden) live in Arizona, California and Louisiana.

I have been to Nevada, often, and at least once with each of my three official and consecutive consorts. So, I will probably jog briefly north on my way from Arizona to California to stop in Henderson, just short of Las Vegas, for old times’ sake.

I will reminisce as I travel routes to and through familiar places, and will record many of these memories to the journal.

Go here to start the journey with me: 24 April, 2021

Header image: A view of the Almaden Valley from Coyote Peak, San Jose, California

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