24 April 2021, Stockholm

Beginning to start to commence to get ready.

I seem to have retained my faculties, but they operate at a slower pace than when I was younger. If I am rushed, I become anxious about forgetting something important for an extended trip away from home.

There are new things one must consider during this time of the COVID-19 epidemic. My itinerary is: Stockholm to Copenhagen; Copenhagen to Chicago; Chicago to Phoenix.

Currently, the Copenhagen airport requires I have proof of non-infection from a test performed no more than 24 hours from the time of my departure from the airport. I am scheduled to have this test in Stockholm at 4 PM on 5 May, the day before I take off from Stockholm to Copenhagen—6 May.  The next plane is scheduled to leave Copenhagen at 3:45 PM. Whew!

Since I have had my two Pfizer injections, the last one on 9 April, and that I have no symptoms of illness, I have reason to be confident that I will have a successful test. We’ll see.

The rules and requirements in the USA keep changing, so I will have to learn what I have to show and prove after I land in Chicago on the same date, after around 8 hours of air travel. The same uncertainty holds for my landing in Phoenix, 4 hours after takeoff in Chicago.

If all goes right (fingers crossed) my daughter Andrea will greet me in Phoenix at around 10:30 PM, the same day, but around 18 hours after  taking off from Stockholm.

Whatever complications may arise during this trip, I hope to be able, on May 8, to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of great-granddaughter Quinn’s birth in Gilbert, Arizona with other family members.

Stay tuned.

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