27 April 2021, Stockholm

“Prophylaxis for Dementia”

I’m quoting my friend Vasil who, as a retired physician and in his 91st year of life, has deemed my pending adventure, and especially this journal, just so.

With Vasil’s observation, and now having 44 ‘followers’, I feel motivated to perform my best effort in observing and writing during my travels, starting Thursday 6 May at Arlanda International Airport, Stockholm.

This date for departure allows me to participate in two birthday celebrations: The first annual födelsedag of step-grandson Samuel on the 5th in Stockholm, and the third annual observation of the birth of great-granddaughter Quinn, on the 8th in Arizona. How magical is this?

I have already contacted some relatives and friends in California about the possibility of visiting with them, with affirmative results. Other family members and friends are ‘followers’ and are hereby on notice that I’ll be contacting them directly sometime after I arrive in the ‘States’.

In California, I’ll be based at the home of my youngest granddaughter, Sonya, and her father, Ken. I will have the exclusive use of a 2008 Honda Civic which belongs to Sonya; she currently doesn’t use it. I have a fondness for the Honda brand, having successfully logged at least 100,000 miles in a 1988 Honda Accord which I gave to son Alex upon my move to Sweden. He was able to take its total mileage past one light-second before it expired.

Next event: the PCR test for antigens at ‘DocLab’, Stockholm.

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