10 May 2021, Phoenix

Getting back in synch, the food situation and travel plans

This is the beginning day 4 of my stay in Phoenix, with my daughter Andrea. I still wake up too early, even if I stay up to near-normal (for me) bedtime. At home in Stockholm, I often take a nap during the day, but not here, purposefully.

Personal things like this are not very interesting in a journal, so I’ll drift over to…


I am not a foodie. I am fortunate  in having a wife who prepares dinners for both of us. My part of the deal is to clean up afterward, which I’m good at. Some of my credentials include having been a janitor, part-time for a year, for a janitorial service while attending San Francisco City College.

I don’t expect Andrea, who has a day/evening job, to emulate Eva in the meal prep department. I have, therefore, reverted to bachelor mode.

When I have lived alone, I had a simple regimen which served me well. Here is a generic example:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (or buckwheat or barley) porridge, with a large dollop of yogurt (Greek-style, to be sure) and some berries, preferably blue. And because I tend toward hypochondria, I now add a tablespoon of granulated or powdered lecithin from sunflower seeds. (Note: before breakfast is a period of around 30 minutes when I savor my coffee, currently drinking Peet’s ‘Major Dickerson’s Blend’.)

Lunch: Usually a scavenger hunt for protein and fresh vegetables. There is often leftover animal protein, or a package of lunch meat in the fridge, and I make sure there is a fresh, crunchy vegetable to accompany it: bell pepper, celery, or carrot for example.

Dinner: a good piece of meat, grilled or roasted, plus whole grain rice and a steamed vegetable, almost always broccoli. I served this dish up for Andrea after she returned from work around 7:30 PM last evening. Then we sat in front of the TV to watch the first episode of “The Outlander” which she thinks I will enjoy. I did.

Today, granddaughter Samantha will visit us during her lunch break. She’s currently staying with her sister Sabrina, and working/telecommuting from her home.

The afternoon is unscheduled, unless Andrea has some chores she like help with. One chore I’ll volunteer for is to transport her online purchase returns to the UPS retail store around 2 miles away in a large strip mall centered around a huge grocery market chain store. It’s a pleasure to drive the rental car, a new VW Passat I don’t know what ‘passat’ means or metaphorically implies, but it’s comfortable and has good air cooling. While in this area I’ll probably do some grocery shopping. A little further down the road is a ‘Trader Joe’s’ which is a favorite store for Eva and me—from our experiences in San Jose, California.

I will visit a friend in the Tucson area on Thursday, 3 days from now. We have been in touch only by correspondence for the last 30 years. More on this connection, later.

In a video chat yesterday with son Greg in Lake Charles, Louisiana, we speculated about a trip I may take to the Four Corners area of the USA.  He suggested I stay in Cortez, Colorado, a place he’s familiar with.

If I do this, it would make sense to stay overnight in Flagstaff, then overnight in Cortez to give me time to explore an area I have dreamed about for a long time.

Stay tuned.

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