15 June 2021: The journal ends, but not the journey

Five days have elapsed since I offered a journal entry. I have been immersed in family visits and doings which are of supreme interest to me, but not so much for the reader.

I will report that all my intentions for this journey have been fulfilled, except for the last leg which begins tomorrow—a flight from San Jose to Lake Charles, Louisiana to be with my son Greg and his wife Candy for perhaps two weeks. Then home to Eva in Stockholm.

Thank you for traveling with me.

Ron Pavellas

6 thoughts on “15 June 2021: The journal ends, but not the journey

  1. I’ve read and appreciated all of your posts for the interesting material and the fine standard of authorship.

  2. It’s been great following you Ron 🙂 thinking of ‘Travel’s with Charley’ by Steinbeck….;-)

  3. Thank your for sharing! It has been an exciting trip through the changes in the landscape you have travelled through in the southwest corner of the US as well as in your lifetime up to now.

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